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"Learn Russian online!"
Is an Internet platform designed by Language Centre GRINT for everyone who want to start or continue learning Russian so that you can study at a Russian university, successfully work and live in Russia, travel in our country or just speak with the natives.

Our courses
"Learn Russian online!"
cover the area from absolute Beginners to Proficiency level allowing to enter University in Russia or to function successfully in Russian speaking environment.

The courses are based on Russian as a foreign language State Exam System and are aimed to provide the balanced knowledge of the language while developing your skills in Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening Comprehension.

What to expect from our Russian language classes:

3 levels
The course is offered on 3 levels:
- Elementary
- Basic
- First Certificate

60 lessons
The full course consists of 60 lessons. Each level consists of 20 lessons.
450 hours
The 3 level course is designed for approximately 450-500 hours of classes and self-studying work.


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