Basic level

Basic level (A2) course of Russian as a Foreign Language


Basic level Russian Course

The course consists of 20 lessons. At the end of the course you will be able:
  • To introduce yourself and your friends, to greet, thank, apologize, congratulate and tell about your family and friends, your work and interests.
  • To express the intent, desire, request, wish, advice, offer, invitation, agreement or disagreement, denial, approval or prohibition, promise and uncertainty.
  • To interact with native speakers in the store, at the bank, in the restaurant, in the classroom, on the streets, in public transport, while visiting a doctor or a pharmacy.
  • To read a simple text and understand its overall content.
  • To write a letter (15-18 sentences).
  • To communicate by phone.
You may want to pass the state exam on the Russian language as a foreign language: "Basic Level (A2). This exam is offered also for those who apply for work permit in Russia or Russian citizenship.

Basic level course


Structure and content of the course

The course covers topics related to the trip to Moscow and Saint Petersburg (meeting at the airport, hotel, sightseeing, restaurant and cafe etc.) and first acquaintance with Russian culture and traditions (celebrating holidays, visiting friends, Russian dacha).

The course includes 29 Dialogues, 17 texts, 120 exercises, 1400 words (vocabulary).

Every lesson consists of the following sections: "Let's memorize", "Let's listen and read", "Let's repeat after the teacher ", " Let's learn the grammar ", Check yourself and Homework.

The amount of time we recommend spending on one lesson is approximately 5-7 hours. The material of an entire level takes about 100-150 hours to accomplish.

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