Russian for beginners

Elementary level (A1) course of Russian as a Foreign Language

Russian for the beginners includes two courses: Introductory phonetic and Elementary Russian


Introductory Phonetic Course

The course consists of 11 lessons. You will learn:
  • Alphabet.
  • How to pronounce the letters and sounds.
  • How to read in Russian.
  • How to write in Russian.
It will take 4 hours to get familiar with all course materials.
Cost: Free.


Elementary Russian Course

The course consists of 20 lessons. At the end of the course you will be able:
  • To introduce yourself and tell abour your family and friends, your work and interests.
  • To interact with native speakers in the store, at the bank, in the restaurant, in the classroom, on the streets, in public transport, while visiting a doctor or a pharmacy.
  • To read a simple text and understand its overall content.
  • To write a simple letter (7-10 sentences).
You may take the Russian state Exam on the Russian language as a foreign language: "The Elementary Level (A1).


Welcome !

Russian language. Elementary course introduction

Structure and content of the course

Every lesson consists of the following sections: "Video introduction (Let's begin the lesson)", " Let's speak correctly "," Let's memorize", "Let's listen and read", "Let's repeat after the teacher ", " Let's learn the grammar ", Check yourself and Homework.

1. Video introduction
We start the lessons with Video- Introduction. Section "Let's begin the lesson".
2. Let's speak correctly
Section "Let's speak correctly" is designed to establish correct Russian pronunciation and intonation.
3. Let's memorize
This course includes 800 words and word constructions dedicated to the most common situations.
4. Let's listen and read
This course includes 27 dialogues. They are based on the most common real life speaking situations. The topics include acquaintance, family, friends, interests and hobbies, plans for a day, week-end or vacation, housing and city, parties and restaurants and medical assistance.

5. "Let's repeat after the teacher"
Section "Let's repeat after the teacher" is also based on working with dialogues. All dialogues are based on the most common real life speaking situations and aimed for activating and mastering Russian speech.
6. Let's learn the grammar
The course includes wide range of grammar topics from Genders of Nouns and Personal Pronouns to Cases and Conjugation of Verbs in the Present and Future Tenses. The full list of Grammar topics offered on this level can be viewed after the registration on the course page.
The course includes more than 110 exercises for practicing your grammar skills.

7. Check yourself
Section "Check yourself" is aimed for examining student's knowledge of the material and preparing for the State Russian Language Exam.
8. Homework
Section "Homework" includes training tests, writing tasks, recording files with oral tasks and further revising by our teachers.

How to start Russian language classes

Register at the website
Register for free.
We do not require any payment information until you decide to actually pay for the course.
Going through the free lessons
After the registration, you get access to the lessons schedule and number of free lessons.
Pay for the preferred course and start
After choosing the schedule, you pay for the preferred period of access to the course materials and start learning.